Research Area

Projects undertaken by the virtual research area tend to focus on one or more of the following 5 research priorities:

  1. develop a more scientific approach to the development, use and interpretability of background questionnaires;
  2. develop new constructs that extend the policy issues that might be addressed by these assessments;
  3. improve the measurement of cognitive domains;
  4. investigate effects of increased emphasis on the role of technology;
  5. and identify thematic issues to guide secondary analyses of existing data.

These 5 areas were selected given that most of the analysis can be carried out with existing data, the findings will inform future developments and provide direction to upcoming assessments, and the research will contribute to enhancing the quality and interpretability of the data.  We hope that coordinating what is known and learned about large-scale assessments will ultimately enhance the visibility and utility of these assessments for policy makers.

For information about your specific area of interest, please visit our contact page.