About the IEA-ETS Research Institute (IERI)

IERI is a collaborative effort between the Research & Development Division at ETS and the IEA that focuses on improving the science of large-scale assessments.  IERI undertakes activities around three broad areas of work that include research studies related to the development and implementation of large-scale assessments (research area); professional development and training (training area); and dissemination of research findings and information gathered through large-scale assessments (dissemination area).

IERI undertakes research activities that address issues surrounding large-scale assessments such as IEA-TIMSSIEA-PIRLSOECD-PISAUS-NAEPOECD-PIAAC, IALS, ALL, etc.

The label “virtual” is attached to the research area to emphasize that the research projects are hosted in the funding institutions, but are facilitated by Web-based collaboration as well as by the shared joint expertise of researchers involved in work on large-scale assessments.

The aim of this virtual research area is to contribute to the science of large-scale assessments so that the best available information is provided to policy makers and researchers from around the world.