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Between 2008 and 2012 IERI sponsored a publication in the form of a monograph series.  The work published in this monograph series was that which was funded or commissioned by the Institute, and may include any other work that is submitted to the Institute for publication.  In order to be published as part of the monograph series, submissions underwent and received favorable technical, substantive, and editorial review. The IERI Monograph series is now published as Large-scale Assessments in Education: An IEA-ETS Research Journal.

 For information on how to submit a paper for review and publication please visit us at Large-scale Assessments in Education.

Sample Size Requirements in HLM: An Empirical Study 
The Relationship Between the Sample Sizes at Each Level of a Hierarchical Model
and the Precision of the Outcome Model

Sabine Meinck and Caroline Vandenplas

Matthias von Davier and Dirk Hastedt

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Research Questions

4. Data and Methods

5. Results and Discussion

6. Limitations and Need for Further Research

7. Summary and Conclusions



Download the complete publication here.

Measuring Students’ Family Background in Large-Scale International Education Studies

Falk Brese and Plamen Mirazchiyski



Dirk Hastedt and Matthias von Davier


1. Introduction

2. Importance of Family Background in Large-Scale Education Studies

3. Measuring Family Background

4. Research Questions

5. Method

6. Findings

7. Discussion



Download the complete publication here.